Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Tristan

I finally got my shopping done in time for what I thought was going to be an EVE filled Saturday night and Sunday. I wound up having to stay at work longer than I though on Saturday as well as having a function to go to afterwards so my evening was limited. Sunday brought more responsibilities and EVE time again took it in the shorts. I was able to undock a few times though.

I had been wanting to try the Tristan and came up with  a fit that I like and brought a few down. When I was fitting and loading I noticed I forgot to bring range ammo in so I undocked in a Slasher and went poking around. I found a Thrasher in a FW plex and swooped in. This is a bad fight to pick but I figured I would see if the Thrasher was artillery fit and try to get under his guns. The Thrasher is not artillery fit but I am bored so I close in with a tight orbit and go to town. The Slasher is still no match for the Thrasher. I go down with the Thrasher having 30% of his hull left.

I dock back up and cannot resist the urge to Tristan so I undock and start hunting my usual haunts, I find an Incursus in a plex and swoop in. Since I have the wrong ammo I will need to stay in close to his blasters and rely on out DPSing him. The Tristan usually does good with this and that is exactly how this fight ended. Tristan 1 - Incursus 0. I hunt around a bit more but have to turn in early for some early errands tomorrow.

Sunday comes and between chores at home and helping out relatives I only get to undock twice. I undock in the Tristan with just short range ammo again and it turns out to being the end of Tristan #1. I attacked a Tusker in his Incursus and could not break his tank, he kited outside my gun range with CN Antimatter and I was relying on drones for DPS. Not one to disengage I stay to the end then warped the pod safe to dock up and go take care of some more chores. More duties at home leave me with about 30 minutes at the end of the night with no targets to be found. I go home to Hevrice to dock up for the night.

I was hoping to get another bit of playtime in on Monday evening, I logged in to hunt for 30 minutes or so and found that an old friend had come back to the game. I spent my space time talking with him and getting him situated to play EVE again. Hopefully he will join us here in Stay Frosty.

I am having a blast playing around in lowsec. I understand that this may not be the play style for everyone but for me and my current RL demands it is working out nicely. Having corp mates that enjoy the same undock and shoot things play style also helps. :)

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