Friday, June 14, 2013

The Quick Gang(k)

Time is limited tonight but my friends have arrived in Hevrice and are itching to fly together again. We fit up a few cruisers and head out. I pick the Blasterax and they pick Yarrbitrators. We undock and start hunting, traveling several systems either side of Hevrice through lowsec yields no targets. We start heading back to Hevrice, a new person shows up in local so we sit on the gate. Shortly a Myrm shows up on short scan and lands on the gate. We jump through after him and apply neuts, webs, points, scrams, dps, etc, etc. Had this Myrm been properly fit he could have taken a few of us out before he died. Being that it was partially fit it did not last long. We roll around for a bit but as time is limited and people seem to be doing other things we dock up and I head to bed.


These events are still a few weeks back, I am trying to get caught up. Last night my friend Cellethen started poking fun at me about "role playing" for writing "in character". Which by the way, I am not very good at.

To him I say, It's not like my mixed drinks consist of Fruit Juice and Cream Soda.

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