Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Other Slasher

Armor Slasher: I have a small amount of time so I undock in the armor Slasher and head out for a quick bounce around the neighboring systems. Warping system to system running D-Scan is not netting me any results. I finally find a Hookbill in a plex and decide to try and take it. Man the hook bill hits hard, I did not last long. I did not want that ship anyways. I dock up and head off to bed for the night.

Shield Slasher: I have another bit of time to burn 3 nights later and decide to take the shield Slasher out for a spin. I bounce some systems and find an Incursus in a plex. I warp in and engage, we set tight orbits on each other with all weapons live. His weapons turn off from my neut with 5% of my shields left. The Incursus pilot runs out of structure shortly there after.

Another short bit of time a few days later brings me out of the station in the shield Slasher again. I go next door and find a Tristan sitting in a plex. I engage, can't kill drones without a web and DIAF. Welp, time for another Slasher.

I fit, undock and start to head the other way through lowsec and a corp mate announces a Cruor on a plex gate. We decide we can take the Cruor and warp in. I engage first and we start to exchange some love. The Slasher is no match for the Cruor, it is a good thing that Minmitar guns do not rely on capacitor, I was able to add DPS until I ran out of structure.


I am liking the shield fit a little better than the armor fit. They both have their strengths and weaknesses as do all fits. I like having the Neut instead of the NOS, I need to change either the scram or point over to a web in order to fight the tough little Tristan.

I am starting to find the need to group some of these events together. I was not planning on writing about them at the time and did not spend much time thinking about them afterwards or keeping any notes. As such there are several events where I chased this or that and failed without dying. Without the kill board to help me remember these times are gone forever. Once I do get caught up I will be able to write about the events the day after they happen. Hopefully I will forget less that way. Most of my playtime in EVE is when I find 30-45 minutes in the evening. I boot the PC, start EVE, undock and keep my eye on the clock. Sometimes this works, sometimes I regret it the next day.

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