Monday, June 17, 2013

An Unplanned Evening

I had a follow up appointment and got home early from work. I planned to log on while some things were not requiring my attention at home and check skills then plan some more orders. I made the mistake of logging into Steam and was immediately convoed and asked why I wasn't logged in. I log Min Hevn to see whats what. I take a few minutes longer than I should to undock due to distractions and Cellethen is a bit eager waiting on a gate somewhere. He decides to engage a Vexor that comes through a gate in his Thorax without checking to see if the Station is a LONG warp to the gate. A Fleet Issue Stabber comes though and adds some more DPS. With gate guns, Vexor and Fleet Stabber on him he lasts just long enough for Durance and I to land and watch him explode. I target both ships on the gate then promptly land tackle and start shooting the ship with no damage. (I am so good at this game) I switch my DPS to the Vexor and take him down. I now have the Fleet Stabber on me and am not long for this world. We reship and warp back to gate the Stabber burns out of point range and warps off. -2 Thoraxes for a Vexor GG.

Durance and Cellethen are now in battle cruisers but I do not feel like shipping up I still have a hand full of Thorax to burn through so I stick with cruiser. We head out looking for trouble joined by another corp mate in his Punisher. We bounce back and forth from system to system not finding any targets. We run across a Navitas sitting off a gate for some reason. I engage the obvious bait which is not bait and we kill the Navitas. We start bouncing around the system and have folks on both sides of the gate. We are able to catch a few mining barges, one apparently on auto-pilot.... in low sec... A Procurer and a Retriever, I managed to lose the skill books we looted from one of these kills. Draiv catches an executioner in a plex and brawls him down along with his pod. We start getting bored again and I have to go soon so we take another quick trip up to Old Man Star to see what is about. We have a Navy Mega on short scan coming to the gate and decide to engage, he has friends and it did not end up as intended :). Durance and I DIAF with Cellethen running back home.

I dock up and fit a Thorax for another day when a corp mate pipes up on coms that a Brutix has him. We undock and warp to him killing the Brutix with corp mate in low structure from the fight.

All in all a good night for turning the computer on to check skills.


This brings us to within a day or two of present times. Fair bit measly I know.... As I said before my playtime is limited and there are a lot of times I logged on for 30-45 minutes of hunting and found nothing.

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