Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moa for Breakfast and Slasher for Lunch

I have some appointments today which give me a few windows of opportunity for EVE. I board the Moa and head out. I do my usual runs through lowsec to either side of Hevrice and find nothing. I exchange some comments with a few Russian FW plexers, I do not understand them and apparently they do not understand me. I finally see a Ruppy on a gate and jump through with him. I engage knowing the gate guns wont like it but I have Drugs! I open the hold to take some of the illicit substance... I remembered to load cap boosters after the fight with Azn last night but not drugs.... Welp this is not going to end well, Moa dies a glorious death with the Ruppy in low armor. I am really good at this, dying that is.

I head back to Hevrice and fit another Moa and remember to load all the things this time. I then decide to take a slasher out. More banter exchanged with stabbed and cloaky FW farmers then off to take care of my appointment.

I come back to the game after my appointment. I do not want to go to work with half my face numb, better wait for the feeling to come back. :)

I meant to undock in a Moa again to see what I could find but there are corp mates out and they are all in frigs, all in gang. I board the trusty Slasher and check my cargo, yup, all the things. I undock to see where everyone is and start heading out. I run a scan on my way and with one person in local the Imperial Navy Slicer has to be him. I get him on narrow scan towards a FW plex so I warp and activate gate to find him sitting there on the button. I approach and engage with everything overheated, the INS has the potential to take my Slasher fairly easy if he is properly fit and skilled so killing his cap with my neut is critical. I stop taking damage at 5% shields or so and give him a GF in local as I wait for him to run out of structure.

I warp around to find the other corp mates in gang and we all meet up to start hunting.

AgroC finds an Algos and we warp to the plex he is in. AgroC gets on him first and I am able to land additional tackle before the Algos' stabbs let him warp off. He goes down fairly quickly and we are off hunting again. Someone calls tackle on a Coercer and we all warp over to give him some space love. The Coercer pilot makes the strange decision to switch to each new target that lands and start shooting them. I do not understand this if you are outnumbered, maybe if you want to piggy back killmails in a gang so you can be selfish and be on all the kill mails. Not solo and out-numbered you should try and kill one thing at a time and hopefully something dies before you do. However due to the small flock of frigates on him he goes down and we all warp off to repair heat and structure damage.

One gang member needs to run and take care of something, I have a few more minutes so we bounce system to system to try and find some more targets. I warp into a plex and the Atron in the plex warps off. I warp to another plex and the Atron shows up with a Raptor friend, I engage and start taking OMG too much for my little buffer from the Raptor and Atron. The other two gang mates land and an enemy Catalyst lands with them. This did not end well, we all DIAFed. We got the Atron though!

I have duties planet side and can feel my face once again. Better go earn money for EVE subscription.


I should have been tracking the Security Status on Min Hevn. He had high 3 or 4 when I inherited him and that did not start dropping until I started with Stay Frosty. Min is currently at +1 or so, I do not remember where he was at when the events above occurred. At some point a post is coming on where I am with the fits, so far i think -2 or 3 Thorax, -buncha slasher, -1 Moa.
I do have some missile and rocket fits to try. I had thought that Min Hevn could fly all subcaps asides from BLOPS and T3s and fit all the weapons well. Turns out he is really lacking in missiles, that is being corrected as soon as a few other short skills are out of the way. I waited a while to train some basic armor skill or something, don't know why but before I fly any local tank armor fits I feel I need Repair Systems to 5. I also need some more drug skills for combat boosters, because, side effects.

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