Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Bad Luck

It seems as though lack of targets I can find for my frigates are becoming the standard here the last few days. I fit up a Tormentor that I wanted to try out a few days ago and was keen to give it a try. I did manage to undock twice this day and make my trips around lowsec. First trip I found nothing but a cruiser gang I ran from then a T3 gang I avoided. I went back to Hev and docked up.
Second time around I found a Slasher in a plex, it was the same Slasher from the Slasher vs Slasher fight the other night. He was not interested in fighting this time and ran away. I did a few more passes trying to catch him but he was watching D-Scan this time and warped off each time before I could land in the plex.

I will have to test the Tormentor another day. Time for bed.

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