Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moar Yarrbitrator

I have enough time for taking a small gang out. Cellethen and Durance are keen to fly the Yarrbitrators again and I have not yet lost a Blasterax. Cellethen comes on and we get impatient waiting for the third member of our gang so we take a quick trip next door. We find Aznwithbeard in his Maller and engage, his Maller has quite the tank but does not stand up against the nuets from the Yarrbitrator and he goes down. We head back to station to grab a few more folks then to head out.

It seems as though Azn is stalking us as he is following in a Prophecy. He jumps with us into Costole and we warp off, I was looking to engage a small group of frigates a few systems over. Azn expresses his interest in taking our small gang on so we oblige him and warp back to the gate. His Prophecy tanks like a beast but "Neuts to Stronk" and he goes down, but not before killing Cellethen in his Yarrbitrator. There is some video of the fight taken by Azn, the fight in the video is "Prophecy vs Excessive Neuts". Turns out Azn is a chill dude, he does some stuff you can follow it here.

Cellethen reships to an Algos and we head back out. The small frigate gang I had spotted earlier has moved on so we wander about aimlessly looking for something to shoot. Cellethen manages to catch a Venture pilot and his Pod in a belt. Somewhere along the line Draiv managed to lose his punisher hero tackling a Tristan on a gate, the Tristan died as well.

I know I am missing some of the events from this outing. Memory does not serve me well these days. All in all a good evening, we killed some and we died some.

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