Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Moa and the Fight that Dint Happen

I have been wanting to try the Moa in 1v1 and just for the LOLs I wanted to duel Aznwithbeard in some Moa vs Moa action. On one of my short evenings I log on and undock in the Moa, Azn spots it on scan and I ask for Moa vs Moa. It appears as though he has run fresh out of Moa so brings a Maller. He warps to the station I am at (we really should have picked a safe) and we start working on each others tanks. The fight is taking a good long time due to both of us having active tanks. We started having a casual conversation about who would run out of cap boosters first. I hit one of my reload cycles and a flashy Thorax shows up and starts targeting. (Some links may have started to be applied at this point.) Azn is pretty chill and pulls DPS as he does not know what the Thorax is going to do and warps off not wanting to spoil the 1v1. My reload cycle finishes and I wait to dock knowing with links and 8 cap boosters left I can tank till weapons timer runs out and dock up. Had I more cap boosters in the hold at this time I most likely would have went for duders Thorax.


Turns out Azn had one cap booster left for his Maller and I had eight when the Thorax showed up. He ceded the fight to me but, fyte dint happen. I will take my losses and wins as they come to the kill board. He caught a Tengu on scan at some point and was "Forever awash in the dishonor of 1v1". The links did not come on till the Thorax showed up, that Moa will tank a Maller, with the links it might have tanked both of them, but not for as long. :P D.D.D.Drugs are cool with the Moa. I wanted to try some more cruiser 1v1 with him on this evening but something planetside started needing attention and I had to go AFK then log.

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