Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting Frosty

I have been mostly inactive for the last 18 months due to planet side duties. During this time I had been keeping up with events in New Eden by tuning in to the EVE  Blog Pack along with a few other well written blogs not listed in the pack. Rixx Javix, the publisher, writer and editor for a magazine for Gentlemen of Notorious and Questionable Character put out a call for pilots to man his latest piratical endeavor. As a long time follower of his publication I answered the call. Casual, no pressure piloting sounded right up my alley. I joined, placed orders for hulls, modules, and various supplies then fitted a basic shield Thrasher, undocked and headed to the Hevrice solar system.

As I am flying I start to realise just how much things have changed in 18 months. My highly customized overviews no longer work as they should, the basic stats on all my favorite vessels have been changed, some for the better and some for not. Upon arrival in Hevrice I made a few safe spots and started going through my overview settings to repair the damage done by 18 months of improvements and development. Due to continuing planet side duties this repair process takes the better part of a week.

Realising the extent of the "improvements" by the various ship manufacturers I pulled out the fitting tools, updated my favorites, revised some fits and theory crafted a few more. Too many new things and "newly good hulls" to buy! I decided then to pick a hand full at a time and buy them in lots of 10. I then placed further orders for more hulls fittings and ordinance. I typically buy things in bulk, not that it is any cheaper that way, I just do not like to run out of supplies.

I finally get some "undock time" on the evening of 5.19.13. I was in the process of warping around system making some safe spots when a corp mate reported a small group of ships warping to the sun in Hevrice. We both warped to the sun, found a Thorax, Vexor and Caracal engaged. We decided to join the party and engaged the Thorax. Thorax goes down quickly, I go down next and the corp mate in his Enyo goes down. Vexor and Caracal warp off in victory. Combat, Glorious Combat. \o/

During this fight that I realised there were still issues with my overview. Things still not showing! I warped to a safe and aligned and started to go over my settings again. Knocking the rust off is turning out to be a process.

I dock the pod and quickly realise that my orders have not been delivered. Check local market and... low sec... I poke my delivery service and upgrade the shipping method to overnight and head off to bed.

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