Friday, June 14, 2013

The Slasher

Hulls and fittings have arrived in Hevrice. Going through several options it appears as though I made some errors in my orders. I have ordered M variants and not S variant and vice verse. I have also left some ammo types completely out of my orders. **Places more orders** At any rate I pick one of the fits that I did manage to order all the right supplies for. The small armor rep Thrasher. This looks to be a fun ship, the fit calls for a tracking disruptor that I can use although am not particularly well skilled for. It is E-War and I fell somewhat dirty for using it but since I have it, might as well use it.

I undock, head next door and jump through. A quick scan reveals an Algos in a plex. Slasher vs Algos seems like a bad idea but hopefully he is taking rat damage and will be something I can handle. You never know until you try. I enter the plex and engage, the poor fellow never stopped shooting the rat.I quickly relieve him of his ship and pod. I dock up to take care of some other business and drop loots off.

Business taken care of I undock again and head back next door. Another quick scan finds a slasher in a plex, I warp to the plex, activate gate and warp in. Slasher tackled! I set up a tight orbit and go to town. The enemy slasher had a small amount of shield damage when I engage so I add my turrets and tracking disruptor to the fight. He switches from rat to me immediately and applies his tackle to me. He drops my shields fairly fast and starts burning my armor, I activate the overheated armor rep. He runs out of shield and my armor rep shuts off from his neut, my nos catches a bit of cap and I turn my armor rep back on. This actually turns out to be a close-ish fight. He dies and warps the pod out with me at 20% structure left. At the end of the fight Mr Slasher complains it is a bad fight with him taking half the damage from the rat. Looking at the kill it turns out this is not the case although it may have been an even closer fight without the rat! **Min Hevn trains Thermodynamics from 1 to 4 immediately.**

I repair heat damage and run another quick D-Scan, I find a Thrasher in a different plex. I know this to be a bad fight to take but it is almost bedtime and you never know until you try. I also want to see how long the Slasher will last against a Thrasher. As it turns out, not very long! Thrasher goes down with everything overheated. I should have dropped loot off from the Slasher kill before I engage Mr Thrasher.
I take the pod back home and dock up to fit another Slasher.

I have convinced some old friends into flying again in the last few days. They have joined Stay Frosty and are currently situating themselves and planning logistics. Somewhere in the events for this evening there was some Venture chasing. I cannot remember the exact details but it turns out I am really bad at catching them. I am also apparently bad at ordering supplies,  there is more I forgot about.


On looking back at the Slasher armor fit there are things I do and do not like about it. It has very little tank, the repper is a must overheat item, it is very susceptible to neuts and Minmatar ships are horrible for cap as it is. I do like the web fitted, it will make taking the Tristan on a little easier as I can web the drones and actually kill them.
I will be perfectly honest here, in the 5+ years of playing EVE my experience with ships below the cruiser class is almost non existent. Even at cruiser class my experience is more along the T2 HAC, Recon and Logi ship types. I am working to improve that! These smaller ships are a lot of fun to fly, CCP has done a great job of balancing in the last year or so. Makes me happy there are so many viable hulls now.

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