Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The (Belt Ratting) Orca?

I began last night running around in my Tormentor looking for a fight. I finally located something sat in a plex and figured I would see if I could get close enough to get under his artillery. I could not and was in the process of trying to break tackle as he was kite fit when a Thrasher landed. Welp, Tormentor down.

I dock up briefly to fit another frigate and go back out. The pickings for a lone frigate are still pretty slim at this point when a corp member ross jumped at the same time a flashy red Catalyst jumped with me. I called the corp member back to help out with the Catalyst as I know the Slasher will not take it alone. Corp member comes back and I engage the Catalyst. Corp member sits there and watches me die explaining that he couldn't believe I engaged on a gate. We then had a discussion about gate gun mechanics and security status / criminal status. Doh!

I dock up to go have some dinner with the family and come back to plan another shopping trip. I am about halfway into filling out my orders when I noticed the time. It is time for bed, morning comes early, I am just about to hit the log off button when Cellethen types "May have an Orca" in chat. Apparently he is probing the Orca thinking it is at a safe. Headphones come back on and I board a Thorax, he announces that the Orca is at belt 6-1 with a Hurricane. We scramble to put together enough DPS to put the Hurricane down and kill the Orca. I warp to 0 on the belt and there is the Orca, at 0 in the belt. I place my scram on the Orca, start targeting the Hurricane and he warps off. I lock up the Orcas drones and put my drones on them, corp members land and the Orca starts going down fast, I figure it is hull tanked but no, hull starts dropping fast and Orca dies. Orca fit is interesting to say the least, the cans that dropped in the wreck were empty. We got the pod as well. Interesting end to an evening, I am still trying to figure out what the Orca was doing in the belt. Mebe tag hunting :)

Looking over the pilots history on EVE kill he apparently has had a bad time in low sec this year.

I thought I had remembered trying to salvage an Orca wreck before and getting the "your ship doesn't have the cargo space for this" that you get with capitals but apparently I "miss-remembered". Salvage was junk.

Edit: The pilot of the Orca was "Snark Mailed" by a corp member and has since replied that he "was just testing his tank"


  1. Despite the amazing stupidity and unexplained lack of basic intelligence on the part of the Orca pilot, it is still an amazing kill. Well done to all involved. This one is making the rounds already and will be talked about for days.

  2. It was one of those rare WTF lets kill it moments that make EVE halarious at times.

  3. I'm giggling because I know who that scrub who didn't engage on gate with you was :D

    Also, dat Orca. I assumed there was no way he could possibly be at a belt so I probed him down (easiest probe of my life, obviously) and warped to 100 only to discover that he was indeed in a belt.