Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bounty

I have exactly 30 minutes to play EVE tonight. I log in, board the trusty Slasher and head out. A quick scan next door spots a lonely Rifter in a plex. The once King of Frigates is a shadow of it's former self. It pains me to see pilots exposing the shame of this once proud vessel so I warp the Slasher in to relieve the Rifter of its burdensome pilot. I tackle the Rifter and go to town, poor Rifter is poor. Rifter soon gives it up in a glorious explosion as tribute to it's once noble past. I decide to relieve the pilot of his pod in effort to dissuade him from ever shaming the memory of the once fine boat.

As I am warping back to Hev to dock up for the night the NeoCom blinks at me. The Rifter pilot has placed a bounty of 1 whole millions of isks upon Min Hevn. Grats M8, Min's first bounty and a waste of your resources. We exchange a few emails where I tell him to stop being poor and he tells me to stop being a C***.


I am glad that CCP made an effort to make bounties a viable mechanic in the game. It is a shame that of all the iterations in the last few years they failed so miserably in this one. Bounties used to be a joke and they still are. The payouts are not such that bounty hunting could be a viable profession. Not that I would pursue that path but some might choose to do so. Someone could correct me here but I do not think I am wrong in this assumption. I guess it is a good thing that you can't let it build then kill your self with an alt to abuse the system anymore.

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