Thursday, June 20, 2013


I began my 2nd EVE career when I received a 2nd shift assignment at work. I am unable to stop working, travel home and shut down immediately for the night so EVE became my "unwind" game. My regular FPS gaming friends at the time stopped playing for the night about an hour before I got home then and I was stuck joining random servers and pubbing, which in my opinion is not fun. A friend at work also plays video games and we would have long conversations about video games. We wound up talking about EVE and how cool I thought it was. He started a trial membership and we started poking around in high sec marveling at the vast universe and flying horribly fit ships in PVE. We began venturing into low sec, not because we wanted to but because that is where the agents we were working for sent us and we did not know any better. It usually wound up ending horribly for us.

To expose myself here I did give WOW a second chance during this time frame. It was the 2nd and last time that I did not get a week into the trial before un-installing. I just do not get that game. The first time I gave it a go was when my kids were playing it, I could not stand it then either.

My friend played EVE for a few months and then quit to "never play again" out of frustration with the "bad game mechanics" and "terrible PVP mechanics". I continued playing but staying low-key and trying to get a leg up on the steep learning curve. I found the game to be particularly challenging in it's complexity and wanted to "figure it out". I eventually joined a corporation that was in an alliance that was allied with other alliances.... This was fun but left me a lot of downtime because, null-sec form ups. I had other accounts that had characters training so I joined other corporations, that were in alliances, that were allied with other alliances.... You know, so I could sit with multiple clients open and wait for something to happen in a bad time zone on multiple screens.

By the way, in case you have not guessed, I still aint figured the game out.

My friend listened to me talk about the game while at work until he became interested again and started playing. At some point he got tired of the can flippers, ninjas and whatnot and started another account for PVP to teach those evil people a lesson. Min Hevn was born and skilled for a few months. My friend became bored with the game again and un-subbed to "never play again" again. After a while he gifted Min Hevn to me and I started skilling him again.

Min Hevn's skills were just beginning to get to where he was useful and my friend came back to the game. I gifted him back and he was trained for another 6 months, flown once in a while until my friend un-subbed to "never play again", again, again. By this time Min Hevn's skills were such that it was a waste to not do something with the character and he gifted him back. My situation changed and I was unable to devote much time to the game for a while and basically the game of "Skill Ques Online" started.

I finally thought I had a handle on my changed situation and had the bug to play again then realised that there is nothing happening on the large scale, or any scale for that matter in my narrow window of playtime. There was especially nothing that would allow me to dock up at a moments notice when I was needed at home. I started looking at other opportunities, about that time Rixx formed Stay Frosty and here we are.

I may be in your corporation, chatting occasionally and not playing. I do like the big fights, I do miss them, I just cannot devote the time right now.

Min Hevn apparently means something in another language. I did not pick the name, I do not speak the language. The guy who did pick the name does not speak the language either. So stop asking.

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