Friday, June 21, 2013

Catching up and the Sandbox

I have now caught up to current times and game time has been meager for the last few days. The times I have had have been short spurts spent on the Jita market buying some more supplies to welp. I will most likely have 2 to 3 posts a week from here on out. That should not matter much to my 3 readers. I do have a few things to say outside of Min's experiences.

I find that EVE truly is a "sandbox" game at it's core. There are some limited "theme park" features but they pretty much amount to a very small roller coaster, fun for almost 3 rides. The biggest chunk of content in EVE is the players. Once you get to the core of the "sandbox" the returns you get for your entertainment dollars are in direct relation to the amount of *effort* you put into the sandbox. If you are looking to be taken for a ride I suggest you find an entity in EVE that has a team dedicated to producing content for it's players, there are tons of them, they have tons of "rules and requirements". The people on those teams work hard at generating content and it can be a blast, it also has some long periods of dead time where you will have to entertain yourself.

There are many gauges of success in EVE, I think they are all traps. One can choose to fall into the trap of trying to measure their success at the game by some stack of assets, the size of a wallet, the green of their killboard or some stat on a website somewhere that is mired in complex maths. There is no "winning EVE". I choose to measure my success in the game based on my enjoyment of the time spent logged in.

EVE is a galvanizing experience. You will be hard pressed to find someone who has played the game or even looked at playing the game that think the game "ok". People love the game or they hate the game, after a period of years there are those that play the game every day and state they hate the game. In my opinion EVE is now prettier, more balanced and a better game than it ever has been. There is still room for improvement, but still pretty awesome. There are still some areas of the game I have not tried but will and some I will not just because I do not think there is anything I can do to make them appealing to me. I like shooting things and getting shot at.

I think I will continue to enjoy myself and fly mine like there are more on the market.

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