Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Fruitless Journey

I find another 45 minutes to play so I boot the computer and log in. I want to get some solo on so I undock in my Slasher and start hunting the FW plexes. I find a Tormentor in a plex and warp in, land long point, close in overheated and land scram, nuet and turn MWD off. Tormentor warps out.....Stabs, fit them, annoy people, win EVE. I continue on in my normal short run through lowsec and find an Atron in a plex, I land about 40 off him and start burning, he warps off. I am 0-2 so far and haven't lost a ship yet.

I start to head back to Hev to turn in for the night and hear about a Gnosis in a site, corp scrambles to get probes in the system and start locating him. We have him at his site with the prober having eyes on him but do not get there before he warps off. We chase around for a bit with more scanning and more trying to catch him but he finally realises we are frigates and hits the gate and on out. It looks like tonight will be 0-3 with no ship losses. I dock up and head to bed.


  1. On the bright side, you didn't lose a ship!!

    Nights like that suck, but they do add to the learning and they also makes the kills we do get worth that much more.

  2. It is a boring tale. There are a lot of combat oriented EVE blogs out there. I figured I would chronicle all of Min's adventures as much as I can. The good, bad, ugly... and BORING!

  3. Stabs are the reason Durance has his Devoter.