Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bad Weekend is Bad

I had some time here and there this last weekend for EVE. I undocked Saturday evening and did my usual trip around low sec. Things were really dead and I was unable to find a fight I could take. On my second trip around I found an Atron on a plex gate. We both started targeting each other with weapons hot. For some reason when the target locked it started blinking and dropped. I re-targeted the Atron and when it locked I magically had 40% shield damage. This is not an excuse, more of a statement of SYSTEMS FAILURE. I have lost the fight even without the systems failure. I wound up losing the slasher on that one. :) Welp time for another boat, I tend to lose a lot of boats.

I undock again, start hunting around again and find a target in a Vexor. This is a bad fight to pick but I am bored and rush in to engage. I do not have a web fitted to kill drones and the Vexor probably has plenty to spare. I try to burn him down before I die, silly hull tanked Vexor. I did not win this fight. Well played Tezz well played.

Next day I undock in the morning to try and find a fight. A corp mate is trying to pin a Hookbill down so I undock to help. I finally catch the Hookbill on a plex gate he is aligning off. (I had forgotten that warps on grid with a plex gate always land at the gate, this is important!) I get the Hookbill to engage and corp member is in warp to me, I knew the Slasher would not last long vs. Hookbill but I figured to do some damage and at least keep him pinned till the corp member landed. I did keep him pinned till the corp member landed, 30km away from us :) Slasher dies in a ball of fire and the Hookbill warps off. I honestly do not think we could have taken the Hookbill with the Slasher and Incursus but it was worth a try.

Boredom tends to be the biggest cause for the loss of ships for me. I do not have the patience to not engage after a while. At any rate I am fresh out of time as I am needed planet side for family duties and dock up.


I am starting to get bored with Moa, Thorax and the two Slasher fits. I may bring the next set of fits into play and start working through 8 at a time. I have thrown together a Tormentor fit that I am itching to try but it seems like people run from it for some reason. I have added Repair Systems 5 to the que and will start working on some local tanked armor fits that can engage on gate. I am missing some decent chances on the gates due to gate guns and their dislike for violence.

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