Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Un-Dock Experiment

I have been pressed for time the last few weeks with chores, holidays and family matters so I decided each minute I had to spare I would sit down and undock. While this lead to some actual piloting time it did not leave much time for writing about it. I am still having a blast with the smaller ships in EVE. I actually gave up on trying a few ships out 10 at a time. I do not think I have the patience to work on that, there are simply too many good hulls out there now to limit myself to 4 at a time. I think I have flown a bit of every race in the last few weeks.

A down side to it being "summer holidays" is that the little bit of time I have had to undock there have been few targets around. I think as well the rate at which Stay Frosty has grown has exceeded our available prey spawn rate. The area is getting to be hunted out and the targets that are available are getting smarter, stabbier and cloakier. I have "leeroyed" a few ships here and there. I am trying not to be too picky in the fights I take and it shows in my efficiency ratings :) I think that taking only the fights you are sure to win is more along the lines of risk averse as opposed to "smart".

One ship I do want to try will serve me 2 purposes. I want to fit an LOL DPS CovOps boat for hunting this new breed of site explorers. There seems to be an awful lot of them around these days. I also want to improve my scanning techniques. I did a bit of it at the beginning of Apocrypha and have not messed with it much since.

The corp is moving along nicely, there are certainly more people around to fly with which is kinda nice. I believe I am going to attempt to keep to my original plan of solo mainly on weekdays and small gang on the weekend.

I would do my usual and link fits and fights but as it is my time is limited and I want to undock again.


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