Monday, July 15, 2013

A Good Sunday

I did not set out to sit at the computer all day yesterday it just happened to work out that way. I started off by getting some more modules and ammo in to Hevrice so I can fit up a wider variety of ships to explode in glorious combat. Once that was done I grabbed some breakfast and boarded a slasher then set out to start hunting. I roamed around a bit and found an Incursus and Firetail in a plex. There were only 2 people in local and they were different corps. I figured to three way their little brawl and started working on the Incursus as he was closest to me. The Firetail played it smart and kited out changing his weapons to me, the Incursus then switched to me. I did not last long under the combined fire. I get the pod out and the Firetail finishes the Incursus off.
I head back to Hevrice to grab another ship and keep hunting. I board a Firetail and head out, I think things must have slowed down around this time as I went 18 gates and found nothing, on my way back to Hevrice I find a Tristan and Incursus in a plex and warp in. As it turns out it is a corp mate and a R1FTA pilot brawling, I lock both of them up to see how the fight is going and see the Incursus is about to die so I web him to shamelessly whore on to the KillMail
I get to Hevrice and dock up for another cup of coffee and grab a Ruppy to head out again. I wandered around several systems and could not get anyone to engage. I finally went to a medium plex in Jovanion and waited for peeps to arrive. TIPIAKS obliged me and came in with an Algos and 2 Enyos, the must have been engaged with a corp mate prior because he shows on the KM. I was able to burn the Algos down before the Enyos exploded my Ruppy
I set out in a Slasher again to start hunting. I wandered several systems chasing random ventures and stabbed plexers till I found an Incursus at a plex, I warp in, engage and suddenly Vexor. I almost burned the Incurus down before the Vexor did me in. I dock up for a minute or two to check some in house needs and board the trusty Reaper to travel back and get another ship. I notice a cyno on station and figure it would be funny to let the station guns kill the Reaper, so I did.
When I get back I see a Fed Navy Brutix outside station that is aggroed. I undock my Brutix thinking maybe the Extra DPS could take it down. That is one mean boat, some more Frosties undocked and tried to take the FN Brutix down when local spiked. Bait is bait and Ninja Unicorns that like Huge Horns come in with some ridiculous risk averse gang to kill some standard T1 small crap. All got out or docked before the gang landed except my Brutix and Tezz's Algos. Again that FN Brutix is a mean boat, well played random bait dude for the Horn Aficionados. Well played.
I undock another Slasher to  go hunting again, I wound up chasing some FW plexers around when I spotted a Retriever on scan. I locate him in a belt where I proceeded to Solo his entire Barge and Pod. The rocks must be protected! For some reason the barge kill and a Venture kill a bit later are not showing on killboards, which makes me sad I finally catch a venture and there is no  proof! Here is his pod.
There were a few other fights yesterday evening I won 2 1v1s against Rifters in my Slasher and lost a 1v1 against an Icursus in my slasher. I also went out in my Algos and killed this Thrasher in Herioc Battle.


There has been an interesting development in the last few weeks. I have apparently acquired a stalker. There is an NPC corp FW farmer that runs around in a stabbed Navitas. If you chase him he starts whining in local about some imagined unfairness of pirates chasing FW people who are just trying to plex and the only people who should fight FW farmers are other FW people. He places a 100K bounty on me and when he notices I die he mails me stating "I see you died", then places another 100K bounty on me. I don't get it but heh, if that is how he plays his game then more power to him. I choose to spend my $14.95 else-wise. It is entertaining though so thanks for that!

A few parting quotes:

Fox Three > f*** you stay frosty shitheads
Min Hevn > thanks stabbed little bear
Min Hevn > your tears fuel me
Fox Three > eat shit you p***y, join fw if you want to f*** around in a plex
Fox Three > you'lll never kill me, I'm too smart, go bully somewhere else

Fox Three> You do know the frostys are going to have to pay for this...

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