Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Slow Week

I have had some time each evening for EVE this week. Unfortunately there is not much activity when I have been able to log on. I have been able to lose 3 Slashers and kill some nubs. I agreed to a 1v1 when I was fit for hunting and not brawling, the extra point on my Slasher does no good in a 1v1 frigate brawl, so I lose to an Incursus GF to the Tusker. I derped when hunting and became the hunted, GF random people I have never seen before. I tried a Slasher vs Navy Caracal because I was bored and of course lost :).
I have drastically improved my luck in KILLING VENTURES! I will take them where I can.
I have also been able to finally shed the bear status I inherited with +4 or so sec status Min is either near or at -6. My chances for fights at gates will improve now. This is either a good or bad thing we will have to see how it turns out :)
I made some improvements (I think) to the look of the blog, at some point I may get around to adding the CCP disclaimer thingy and add some EVE graphics as opposed to standard stock stuff.


In other news my stalker took to rapid fire mailing me when ever online. It was kinda cute till it got annoying, I set the CSPA charge to 1,000,000 and he sent several before getting tired of paying. He did come into the EVEOGANDA channel to troll us but angrily devolved into racial slurs and got banned. He continued to mail after that then mysteriously convoed me the next day where he stated "I Win" I have no idea what he won but GG, hope you had fun.

Fox Three (The Stalker) evidently got tired of being chased around in low sec FW plexes and made his own corp "Margaritaville" I think Jimmy Buffet would be awash in shame if he knew.

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