Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mid Week Free Fall

While I have been able to undock several times this week I was only successful in finding targets on one night. The 8pm to 9pm US central time in EVE is hit or miss. Working Americans are going to bed, non working American NeckBeards are just beginning to trickle into the server. One night this week I decided to forgo a bit of sleep in favor of finding fights.
I set out in my slasher and found a Heron in a plex, usually these are stabbed and warp off but this particular pilot was set up for surprise when I fell upon him. I engaged with EMP loaded but could not beat his his shield boosting. I went down in a ball of flame. His booster with autocannon, rocket launchers and drones we too strong. A corp mate gave him a go a bit later in a Thrasher and was able to Alpha through his tank.
I returned to Hevrice to grab a Tormentor and head back out, taking a spin around the neighborhood yielded few targets until I came upon a Kestrel in a plex. I do like when I find targets that are defensively plexing, more often than not they are fit for combat and will not warp off unless you obviously outclass them. I warp the Tormentor in and engage the Kestrel with everything overheated, it turns out to be a close fight with my Tormentor in low structure as his Kestrel explodes.
I repair in station and head back out, not finding much I could engage in my Tormentor I head back to Hevrice to dock up for some sleep when I find 2 Coercers in a plex. I wanted to test the Algos fit I have when it is outclassed so I quickly swap out and warp to the Coercers. I was able to burn one Coercer down and had the other in structure when my Algos went down. I may switch that Algos back to blasters to make use of the bonus, I do like my projectiles though :).
I grab another Slasher and undock for one more quick trip around and find nothing :(. Returning to Hevrice I spot an Incursus on scan, locate him and swoop in for the fight. The fight is not to be had, this poor fellow had no business being in lowsec. His incursus barely scratches my shields while I rip him apart.
I have exceeded my allotted time for the evening and finally log of for sleep :)
I did log on every night this week, the other nights I stuck to my 30-45 minutes of allotted EVE time and have no stories to tell.


I started out with some inherited carebear sec status on this character that I have been able to bring down. The fall from +4 or so seemed to take forever, the fall from -2 has been increasing rapidly. Min is now a "proper pirate" with a sec status of -7.1. There have been a fair few pods along the way that have contributed to this.

As I have said before Min was a gifted toon. I have been unable to play in nullsec for the last 18 months due to RL commitments/constraints/responsibilities and at one time was considering unsubbing to EVE until life permitted me to play the game again. Fortunately for me Rixx was booted from Tuskers and subsequently formed Stay Frosty which has been a fun experience for me so far and I see it continuing to be so.
I am slowly increasing my non existent solo skills while burning through ISK. I have a "semi passive" ISK income, nothing special or sekrit, I have some market toons and buy low - sell high. I have been doing this since 2008 or so, in the past it was able to support multiple 0.0 toons in multiple locations. When I started marketing POS structures were still NPC items, it used to be a "goldmine". I set really low buy orders around nullsec staging points in high and lowsec then hauled to market hubs to sell for NPC prices or near so. After the changes and they became player built I had to change items and wound up leveling/training and setting up a few market toons. I have slowed my order modification quite a bit over the last year and as a result was not making ISK on some of my items. I have changed my items and now have my ISK flows on the plus side again. Getting Min set up for LowSec was a bit more of an expense than I thought it would be. So to keep from having to spend more of my non existent time earning isk I have worked out a budget for him and will be sticking to it from here on out. I actually do not think I am going to have them time to lose my budgeted amount in ships/mods each month but it will be fun trying to.

I am planning on watching AT again this Sunday so expect more distracted piloting. I will probably keep it down to afk losing frigates instead of cruisers this time. :)

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