Saturday, August 3, 2013

Being Lazy

I have not quite made my projected post frequency, as usual I under estimate the amount of time I am going to have to spend on "hobbies". Time to spend at the computer is best spent in space :)
I spent most of the day last Sunday logged in watching Alliance Tournament. I did not get to undock much as I was working from home on the second monitor. I am not going to do my usual linking of kills and deaths this time. Suffice it to say that I have killed some and died a lot. I have mentioned several times that my usual play time is rushed, short, and at a bad time for EVE. If I have been on for an hour looking for a fight I end up jumping into something I have no chance of winning. Such is life :)
I did manage to get my self killed by an Ibis and a Venture, it was awesome. Grats to them they played the fight well. I figured they would be set up to fight I did not figure to be jammed for 3/4 of the fight.
I also manage to lose a Megathron last night. I had gone roaming solo in a Slasher and could not find any targets I could get solo. I had spotted a POS bash by people I had never seen before but there were not enough corp members on to take the fight. I joined fleet with some Tuskers to see if we could get the random collection of dudes to fight. By the time we got in system the pos bashers had RFed the pos they were shooting and gone to a station. Not knowing they were going to fight we sent the heaviest tank in to bait on station and warped the rest in. Fight was kinda one sided, they wound up having alot more help than was initially at the POS. We traded a Rokh and a Megathron for an Oracle, Talos, Tornado and Caracal. The Tusker Maelstrom loss was from earlier when he tried to engage them solo. Another Corp mate of mine showed up and shot a Tusker I was in fleet with. He had no idea but it really did not matter we were going to die anyways :). All in all a fun fight, I wish we could have caught them at the POS before they finished RFing it. Fight would have been alot better without station guns.
I am enjoying frigates quite a bit, I have been flying mostly brawler fits for a few reasons. Brawler fights are easier to manage, I have some serious rust to shake off from 18 month of AFK skill training and I am usually a fair bit tired by the time I get around to firing up EVE. I am importing some kiting fits and some active tank fits as well as more of the larger hulls. I figure I should give all the industrialists the same amount of support. I have been supporting the producers of Slashers far too much :)
Min's missile skills are starting to get closer to where I want them. In 5 or so years of EVE I have flown missile ships few enough times that I could count them on one hand if I could remember them :). There was a short amount of time that I flew with some friends in a renter corp and shot Sansha with a Raven. That counts for nothing though. I am going to start playing around with some Rocket and RLML fits. Prepare for some variety in my loss column :)
The finals for Alliance Tournament are this weekend. I have one more Sunday this year with a valid excuse to sit at the computer all day.

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