Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I did this thing, and I exploded some other things

I started one of them personal killboard thingies on EVE-KILL. I have been hesitant to do so, not that I am worried about my efficiency or performance. I am worried I will start caring about it. I have it now I will be looking at it. Once you fall into the trap of counting points or efficiencies it has a tendency to make people hesitate on engagement. It also has the side effect of making people "risk averse". Got to protect that precious rating that in all reality means nothing, unless of course it is the only way you derive fun from the game. That might be what some people are looking for, not me. I like to engage at will, uneven numbers, outclassed, over classed, etc. Makes me no difference, I want to see things explode. The hunt and explosions are where I get my fun in EVE at the moment.


I went out looking for targets before the weekend began and found nothing, on my return to Hevrice I was able to catch this Incursus. The next day I went out playing in my Hawk and caught this LML Kestrel before it could get range.
My weekend was kinda full with family around all day but I was able to undock a few times on Sunday. We chased down a Navy Vexor and ROFL Blobbed him to tears. Playing around in Hevrice I landed late at the end of a fight but grabbed this Wolf before it could warp off. I later took the Hawk out prowling and sat in a plex at 0 on the warp in, caught a Tristan before it could pull range and kite.

I do like flying brawlers, the fights are fun if you do not just hit orbit and wait to see who dies. There are a lot of things you can do in a close range brawl to give yourself the advantage. I manually pilot, use orbit and stay at range all at the same time while brawling. I find that if you can time the drops in transversal of your targets while your guns are actually firing your hits will be better. I do not like flying brawlers against the high amount of kiting fits there are out there. Tis no fun :) Kite vs Kite is fun, Brawl vs Brawl is fun. Sometimes you can catch the kiter while you are brawling and take them to the ownzone but I do not have much success with the "slingshot" tactic. I also am really good at being caught close range when fit for kiting, I am equally as good at landing at range from a kiter while being fit for brawl.
I decided to start trying some scram range kite fits and see how things worked out. To meet that requirement I have been flying the Breacher of late and have had some fun with it.
I undocked a breacher Monday night and over the course of an hour or so I was able to catch 5 ships and 2 pods with it. First of the evening is this belt ratting Catalyst, he does not last long under rawkits. I get his empty pod as well. Next up is this Condor who caught my Breacher named "Stabbed" while I was sitting in a Novice plex. This fight was fun but did not come near stressing the Breacher. He gets SPLODED. A bit later I land in a plex with an Atron out at 30km from the warp in, I start to AB out to him and he rushes in for the tackle! Hooraah! Sadly he does not live long, I really should be nicer to the folks who rush in for a fight, but, can, not, not pod. It is now close to bedtime but I decide to poke next door and see whats about. I see a Navitas and Merlin in a plex and figure the least I can do is run more stabbed plexers off before I go to bed. The guy must have been sleeping, I kilt the triple stabbed, double afterburnered (wtf!) Navitas and pin the Merlin down. Merlin gets mad and fights back, I was a bit in shock after killing the usually stabbed Navitas and forgot that I was in an active tanked boat and forgot to turn the ASB on. I did catch it when I hit hull and because of that it was a close fight. :) The trusty breacher was able to pull range and rep back up much to the dismay of the Merlin pilot.
Another day leads to me undocking the breacher again, I find Reciprocrat in an Incursus and go after him, the breacher is not a good ship to chase kiters down and the fight does not go well for me. I undock another Breacher and take off to find a Heron and get a taste of Waffles :) I go immediately to another plex to get landed on by an Atron and the fight does not go well for him. I try my hand at catching a Slicer before he can burn out to range and end up not doing well, especially when his Thrasher friend lands on top of me soon as I am able to break tackle. I go back to Hevrice to fit another ship I have been wanting try, the AAR Tormentor. I undock to sit in a plex and get out DPSed fairly quickly by a dual repped Incursus.
All in all a fun few nights of roaming around the semi-lawless areas of New Eden.


I added a few "Campaigns" to the killboard. In reality these mean nothing. Tracking from when I joined Stay Frosty, one for me vs Tuskers just because they are in the same system. And one for me vs Ventures, because all lowsec ventures should die.


  1. Awesome. Killboard meaning varies by individual and I try to make no judgements about other people and how they view their own kb. As for me, like you from what I can tell, it matters nothing on a day-to-day basis. I do find the long term and historical part of it interesting, it is amazing to me how much I can remember about a fight I had five years ago.

  2. I got bored the other day and browsed my first fights in eve. Me running around in an omen trying to be good way before omen could actually be good. Was a tad bittersweet I no longer own most of those characters :(