Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Major Heist

Stay Frosty had its first corp theft, someone cleared out the hangers of all of our "new bro" frigates and destroyers along with our carefully hoarded supply of valuable fittings. The corp is in discussions on how to recover from this devastating loss. We are considering a donation drive or lottery, maybe even flying system to system panhandling to get our reserves back. If you have any intel or facts that lead to the apprehension and dispatch of this nefarious character we are offering a reward of an ENTIRE MILLIONS of ISKs. I honestly do not know how we will ever recover and become the power house that we once were.

I have no idea what was in there other than people dump random crap into the hangers from looting and some of us dump a few frigates in there from time to time to help out the newer dudes who fancy trying piracy. Good job random corp thief, you made a fortune and broke the frigate backbone of the corp.

It is actually kinda cute. I feel kind of let down that nothing of value was lost.


I was looking back at the week thinking how slow it was until I realised I have scored at least one kill almost every night. Not bad for someone who plays EVE one hour per day.
I have had a few Navy Slicers bumping around in the hanger for a while and just not flown them. I decided to give it a go this week and started out successfully with a few kills. I decided to take on a Navy Comet to see how it went and boy did that go wrong. The Comet was of all things fit for speed with a shield tank so I could not pull range and plink away with scorch. I have stolen the Comet fit and found it to be a fun ship. Most people do not figure a comet to be 5K m/s without heat so it is a good surprise boat. I have only manage one or two kills in it so far but it is a fun ship.
There has been some more action on the FW front this last week, apparently the Gallente are making a slow push to recap systems. Or they are just more active farming them and the Caldari are not interested in defensive plexing systems. I have no clue about these things.
I have tried a few times to bait the gangs that are out and about with very little success. I hop from system to system until I find a lone FW dude then I go park myself in a plex for a little while and wait for roamers to come though. Not very exciting but it finishes off an hour of hunting quite nicely. I tried to crash an I-Hub shoot with a couple of cruisers but the opposing faction crashed before I could reship and I only managed to catch a Caldari destroyer.
I had an awesome fight while trying to bait a small gang of frigates with my Moa. I had sat it in a medium plex with a Gallente FW dude in system and changed my ship name to "Federation Loyalist" (there was a Caldari gang rolling around) the Caldari dudes showed up on short scan while I was in the plex but warped off. Shortly after an Algos and Hawk showed up on scan and came in to the plex. I made short work of the Algos and started in on the Hawk. I was in an ASB  Moa and the Hawk was dual MASB. It was a long fight with me boosting the top 1/4 of my shields one pulse at a time and him boosting 3/4 of his shields at a time. I burned through 3500 rounds each of Null and Antimatter till I ran out where he began killing my drones as I pulled them back in and sent them out several times. I motored over to where the Algos died and scooped those drones to the drone bay and lost them one at a time setting them out and bringing them back in. I then typed in corp chat "anyone want to kill a hawk?" planning to stop pulsing the ASB if no one came. A corp mate showed up in a Caracal to finally kill the Hawk. That fight was about 40 minutes of a cruiser fighting a frigate before I decided to do the dishonorable thing :) GF to the Hawk pilot!
I went out last night in a slasher and chased a Rifter around till I caught him, then he had a Crucifier friend show up. They both had me "TDed", there is no way I should have won this fight much less killed both of them. Anyways a good end to my short little roam.

I have brought another bigger hull in, hopefully I will be able to welp a Battleship this weekend. :)

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