Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moar Shields!

I have been on a shield fit kick lately. Partially because I am lazy and haven't come up with any new armor fits that I want to try and partially because I am trying to make some improvements to my piloting. I always say that I play the game more for fun than I do for any sense of accomplishment. While that is most certainly true I do want to improve my piloting abilities where and when I can. I have started to look back at some of my fights thinking if I had done this, then that would have... etc. etc. For me the best way to not make the same mistake again is to repeat the situation as soon as you can and try something different. Eventually the right thing will become habit, until some mechanic changes and that habit is no longer to your advantage. :) This being EVE, and Player Vs Player it is almost near impossible to get a different player in the same ship to behave the same way some other person did recently.


I have had some activity in the last week. Mostly over the weekend, targets have been sparse on the weekdays. I started out the last weekend looking around the neighborhood for a fight and not finding one. I came back to Hevrice and spotted a Merlin on scan in a belt. I take the invitation to brawl and warp my Slasher in, we dance for a bit till the Merlin runs out of hull. GF! That fight was a fun one, I was trying to stay out of his blaster optimal while staying in my autocannon "best falloff"
We had a roam scheduled that a few people actually showed up for :) Comp was armor cruisers with an Auguror pair for logi. We roamed for a good bit till we got bored and started baiting things we should not have been baiting. We lost a Rupture baiting for this Maller kill, his Moa buddy warped off to let him die alone. We get the Rupture reshipped to another Rupture and catch a Caracal out of a small gang that gets away. We wind up losing the Rupture again on another gate messing around too long with sniping Nados off at range from the gate. It starts to get a bit late in the afternoon with some of us having things to do and we head home, stopping in one system to play station games for too long with a Domi and Loki pair. The Augurors get too close to the Domi and one gets murdered along with a Thorax. We warp off and head home.
The next day I see a small gang baiting in a medium plex and log the link alt on for some Moa fun, I get set up and the small gang leaves. Having gone through the trouble to get things set up I poke a few corp mates to see what we could get up to. Naka catches a Comet while we are talking so I warp in to shamelessly steal the kill from him. We mess around on a gate to a medium for a bit in the Moa and a Stabber and Naka gets tackled in his Stabber. I warp the Moa in and start to work on the Rupture that has him tackled, we quickly get swamped and lose the Stabber and Moa. Reshipping we go back out and get the Navy Exequror and Drake. Then with the hornets nest stirred up and 7 Tuskers in space we dock the 3 of us back up and let them cool off for a bit. We undock in some smaller things and all warp into a belt one right after another, managing to lose a Dragoon and a Slicer for a Hookbill kill. Things start to get busy around the house and I have to log for a bit.
I logged on last night to lose a Slasher to a Tristan because I mis-clicked on the overheat on guns at the beginning of the fight. (I am so good at this game)    A corp mate avenged my death by killing the Tristan a few minutes later.

There have been a few other kills here and there over the last week but nothing worth mentioning, other than....

I continue to do the work of the Great Architect, protecting the belts holding the materials that make up the very fabric of this fine universe we play in, killing every single Venture I can catch.

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