Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Power to Forward Shields!

Lame Star Trek reference...

I love rainy days! I was able to spend a bit more time at the computer again this last weekend. I did have chores but was saved by some timely rain spells.
I have been trying some different ships lately, I wanted to break my standard buffer/brawler fits up and try some active tanked versions of the ships that I fly. I began Sunday with the MASB Slasher. Heading out for a trip around the neighborhood nets not a single bite. I head back to Hevrice and safe up with prop mod on to look at the other screens when I notice a Kestrel land. I promptly cut speed and change direction to make it easier for him to catch my Slasher. We get each other good and tackled and go to town. I wound up killing the Kestrel, I was a bad person and had links running from trying to bait earlier. I caught a Rifter a few hours later and was able to burn through his tank before my ASB ran out of charges. I was not a bad person this time and did not have the links running or even have the boosting toon online.
I had seen a FW pilot come into system in a Vexor and began to look through the plexes for him. I warped in on a Vexor in a medium to find it not be the young faction warfare pilot but decided to see how the Slasher performed against a skilled cruiser pilot. Turns out not very well. Afterwards I challenged the pilot to a cruiser 1v1 which he accepted in a system of his choice, so that he "would know I wasn't linked". My Moa handled his Vexor without any undue stress. (Brawler Fights = Boring to disect) We had fleeted and fought at a safe, I stayed at the wreck and planned to get him to warp back for his loot. While waiting I started the ASB reloading, just soon as I click reload an Omen shows up... We started this fight with me at 60% shields the beginning of a 1 minute reload cycle, by the time reload was done I was just entering structure. I boosted back up to full shields and had a couple of pulse cycles before reload again. My Moa went down with him in low armor 3/4 of the way through the reload cycle. Had this fight started with full shields and ASB loaded it would have probably went the other way. He was playing around with ranges so I had switched from Antimatter to Null and was too close to dying to worry about reloading again.
I went back and jumped in another Moa to play around a bit more. I tried to crash a medium plex with 6 FW dudes in it only to have them warp their frigates out when I landed. I went out and back in again to find a corp member playing around with a Tusker, we were not going to catch the AF with our Cruisers so I got out when the AF lost point on me. I got out by going into the plex again... Half dead with 2 ASB charges and loaded with long range ammo. I changed ammo when I landed and was able to burn down an Atron and Incursus before my Moa DIAF GF though :)
Ever since fighting a dual MASB Hawk with my Moa I had been wanting to try it out. I purchased Hawk and fittings, loaded way too many different rockets then undocked to try it out. I found a Venture to test DPS on :P then headed out to try something more challenging and found nothing :(
I undocked the Hawk again the next night and flew around a bit finding nothing but a small plexing gang. I have said before that boredom and lack of patience are the biggest killers of my ships and this night is no exception. I watched the farming gang on Dscan while the plex went from 4 pilots to 9 to 6 to 9 to .... All Gallente FW in system. When the system population dropped down a bit and the plex housed 4 ships I went in. Comet, Incursus, Merlin and Tormentor. My logic here was to land, grab the highest DPS ship and align out while hammering on it. I wound up shooting the Comet first and killing him before dying myself. Looking back I should have started with the Tormentor, I would have been able to pull some range after he died as he was the only one that had me webbed, then start on the Comet. 1v4 - Traded a Hawk for a Comet. It was a fun little fight though :)
Not that I didn't want that Hawk anyways... But I bought some more and will be derping them as well I am sure.
I did try and use the Maelstrom last weekend but the only chance I had I could not get the gang to engage it.
This coming weekend will either be Hawks, Moas and Slashers again or something in Armor.

I haven't decided what I want to wear yet.

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