Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Being Frosty

A terrible post title I know....

I posted a while back on "Getting Frosty". I have been in the corp for a few months now and have enjoyed the stay so I decided to talk a bit about it.
Stay Frosty is truly a no pressure PVP corp. You can do what you want, when you want, at whatever frequency happens to suit you. There are a lot of corporations around that offer a "relaxed" and "casual" atmosphere where they claim there are no pressures. I have been playing EVE for over half of its life span and those corps, almost to the very last one of them, are lying. That or they have one person with 4 alts and 80 inactives. There will eventually be, "hey we noticed you never join comms" you can leave, or "hey you never fly with the corp blobs" so you can... etc, etc. You get the picture. Stay Frosty does everything it says it does on the box.
We have a unique mix of pilots in the corp. They range from people who do not have enough time in the game to be in lowsec and little experience that are out there pewing and having fun, all the way to some very experienced lifetime lowsec PVPers. There are even people like me, have been PVPing in this game for almost 6 years and quite bad at it. We have people that talk with the very niche verbiage that is only spoken in EVE and we have people that do not know simple MMO emotes. (Who does not know them? I mean really!) oh seven meight
We have had a few people join and then quit or leave for something else. I am sure we will have more leave and more join. Like I said previously, SF does exactly what it says on the box, solo, some small gang, no pressure. I think people have an idea that there will be more than that, hate to disappoint but there is exactly just that.
When I joined and occasionally since there is some hullabub about Tuskers this and Tuskers that. I understand there is something going on there, some clashes of personalities. I only know one side of it and I stand behind him and say he is right. I will also tell you there are more than 2 sides of any story and they are usually all "right". We live in Hevrice, Tuskers live in Hevrice, we shoot them and they shoot us. I don't know if anybody is winning or how you would gauge that. This is lowsec. We also occasionally shoot people together. I respect the Tuskers for the most part, even if they are reportedly a shadow of their former selves, I never knew their former selves. They are a decent group of PVPers. They have a few whinging smacktards but then most groups do.
The corp has had some decent success since it began. We have over 100 members, and most are active. The killboard is decent for a group that is over 90% solo with the varying skill levels we have. We have managed to have our first corp theft. The biggest shock of all is that since the corp began there has been no drama. That is unusual in EVE, typically there is monthly or even weekly drama in corps.
We have an open recruitment policy. That would not have been my choice but it seems to be working. It has brought an awesome group of people together. We literally have nothing to hide from spies, and the one corp theft, if it can even be called that, it is pretty much an embarrassment for any self respecting corp thief. I know I would set my sights higher than a few haulers full of T1 frigates and mods. Corp thieves were caught and stuffs returned. I think they were more embarrassed by how easy it was to find out who they were and being exposed than over the actual stealing.
I personally have been pleased with the experience and look forward to more. I went from someone with an hour to spend in EVE a few nights a week, who would log in and think about undocking in a frigate or destroyer for some solo then log off and go play TF2. To someone with an hour to spend in EVE a few nights a week, who logs in and undocks in a frigate or destroyer for some solo. I do not know what the change was, maybe just having like minded people to talk to. I still have my other toons in EVE. I simply do not have the time for 30 minute formups to do 3+ hour travel-fight-travel slugfests.

I don't always EVE
But when I do I have fun and enjoy the game.

Stay Frosty my friends.

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