Monday, July 22, 2013

Combat Distractions "Tournament Sunday"

This is not a post about the Alliance Tournament, it just happened to be why I sat at the computer for most of the day.

Saturday night I had told my wife that the 2nd half of the first round of AT matches was on Sunday and I would be watching. Having the short dead time between matches meant that I could chat between matches, which turned out to be undocking between matches, which turned out to be to my disadvantage.
I went roaming solo in a Slasher and fell upon a Rifter waiting patiently for someone to engage him. My particular Slasher fit of the day turned to to be too much for his anti-brawler Rifter. It was a good fight though, I left the field with his loot and my Slasher in structure.
I wound up going back to Hevrice and docking back up to watch some more matches while eating breakfast.
A short bit about bookmarks and my style of solo hunting. Once I enter a system for the first time I will warp around a bit making a few "inline" safes. Once these are made I warp between them and make some "deep safes", these will be a little bit harder to get pin pointed at for quick probing. I delete the inline safes and if I will be hunting the system frequently I will make one or a set of "Star Scan" safes. If the system is small enough you only need one perch that you can sit at and Dscan all celestials. If the system is larger you will need a set of them. If I am flying under distraction (know I could be needed inhouse at any given time) I will warp to one of my star scans and bookmark right before I get to it, then warp to the "temp" bookmark I just made. In a fast frigate you can usually align somewhere, turn prop mod on and scan lazily or even afk or tab out semi safely. This only works in a frigate or really fast cruiser, anything else and you will be probed and caught fairly quickly.
I wound up making the mistake of doing just the above in Hevrice in an AB fit armor Ruppy when the Goonswarm elimination match started. Goon were getting hammered pretty bad and my two in-house mermaids were outside the window from my gaming cave in the swimming pool. I tabbed back over from watching goons/mermaids and generally being distracted to find myself pointed by a talos. Welp that did not go as planned. :P
 Shortly after I was sitting watching AT and turned the volume on coms back on, we had what was apparently a badly organized gang going on and undocked a Thorax to join the fray, welp, that did not go as planned either.
Shortly after that I decided to take my Algos out for a spin and got caught at a gate by an Ashimu. Pretty much died in a fire.
Undocked a little bit later after the Alliance Tournaments were over with a small gang of corp mates. We roamed for a short bit and started chasing an Assault Frigate gang around then promptly jumped straight into a larger TIPIAKS gang where we all DIAFed.
I went AFK for a few hours to spend some time with the family and get some chores done around the house. Came back to make a few short trips around the neighborhood and found a Merlin in a plex. Jumped on him and was able to burn through his medium ASB Merlin before he could bring me down. It helped that his guns shut off from my neut before I ran out of shield buffer. I went roaming the other way and found another Merlin and jumped on it, a Stabber showed up before I could kill the Merlin that was not fighting back and killed my Slasher.
Got the pod back to Hevrice and undocked another Slasher to find a little mining op going on. 2 Ventures, a Catalyst and an Algos. I should have docked back to to grab an active tanked frigate for the destroyers. My initial plan was to take the Catalyst down then the Algos knowing that the Ventures would just warp off. When I landed the Catalyst started burning off while the Ventures warped off. Not wanting to not catch anything I nabbed the Algos and started in on him, The Catalyst came back in and I did not have enough time to kill anything before my Slasher shamefully died.
I got bored with Slashers and undocked an Incursus to find a nubship running around the belts. I fell upon him and relieved him of his free ship. I tried for an Atron but this dude is usually on the ball and warps off soon as you land. Wanting something faster to try and nab him with I go back for my Slasher and he leaves the system when the nubship comes back, I relieve him of his free ship again and the pod as well.
All in all a good day of EVE, bad for my efficiency rating, whatever that means. I had fun and would do again. I got some Tournament watching in, got to see my mermaids in the pool and exploded some ships to keep the industrialists in EVE in business.

I should do these things without distraction :P

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