Thursday, September 12, 2013


Time is a finite resource. I find my self looking at schedules, responsibilities and demands to see how I could better manage my 24 hours a day to have more of it for recreation and hobbies. It just does not happen. I did have one evening in the last week and a half where I had almost an hour to play. I sat down and logged on, realised how tired I was and went to bed. :)
Some cool things with the update to the expansion's updates. I no longer get the session change choke. The choke/lag/stuttering (whatever you want to call it) was really bothering me, I built my system specifically to handle high demand FPS games while still being able to multibox EVE with all settings on high to take advantage of the big, beautiful monitors I have. Not bragging or anything but it is way overkill for what I do with it. Before Odyssey I could have 6 accounts on with no lag or choke. :) Kudos to CCP for fixing things they break. (I am still not back to being able to have 6 accounts on at once, I only have 5 now but even 5 chokes a bit)
I am starting to get used to the skill reorganization, EVE will be that little bit less confusing for newer players. I thought I was going to like the changes to the HACs but in my opinion there still is not enough of a benefit to the hulls to justify the price difference. I mostly Solo, or try to anyways, the T1 hulls are pretty darn good for their cost.
I am thinking I will like the Jump clone skills, ALWAYS NEED MOAR CLONES. The reduced timer is cool but they really should have made that skill 2 hours per level or better.
I have killed a few ships since I last posted, nothing special was done. I un-docked saw some nub in a belt and pew pew. No real hunt, no real victory, just more New Player Experience, the kind EVE is famous for.


  1. Jeepers, I kinda got depressed a little reading that. Cheer up, you are a great player and we all appreciate you when you are able to play. Your contribution is more than just a time-based function and you have to stop thinking of it in those terms. I've been there and I know how frustrating lack of play-time can be. So enjoy the time you do have.

  2. I did not mean to come off whiney or depressed :) My days are full and at the end of each week I have a feeling of accomplishment. I just wish I had more time for the space ships I enjoy flying :)

    1. I was trying to be encouraging. Goodness knows I understand how you feel, there are times when I can barely put 30 minutes together to actually play. It was especially frustrating last month. But I try to do the best I can and that just has to be good enough I guess. Doesn't make it any less frustrating though.

  3. It is but one of the faults when a results driven professional takes a look at the "time budget" and how it relates to the quality of "unwinding" that any given hobby is giving.
    I am overly defensive of my gaming addiction and try to legitimize it by giving it value :)
    And, I get cranky when I don't get my fix :P